I have been in private practice since April 1987 after five years of working in the local high schools and treatment centers focusing on the unknown process addictions as well as the known substance addictions.  Through my own search for wholeness and healing, I have been blessed with many spiritual and academic teachers and experiences that I draw from to teach others. I have a bachelors degree in metaphysical ministry, a masters in addictionology and my doctorate is in metaphysical science with quantum physics.

 Are you interested in becoming more conscious and desiring a deeper, richer meaning for your life?  Are you ready to question some of the beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing genuine peace of mind? Are you tired of the same old anxieties that keep showing up?   Call or email me for an appointment. 

I am available for motivational speaking, individual mentoring, teaching the tools for healing the codependency that our culture actually encourages and perpetuates, spiritual guidance and teaching, which can include transformational changes working with the matrix of quantum physics from the zero point field, healing touch and Reiki. 

 Sessions may be in person or remote.

I also offer classes in certifying for healing touch and attune to all 3 levels of Reiki, as well as The Work of Byron Katie, the Teachings of Eckhart Tolle,  Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg, Awakening through Breathwork, Rediscovering Your Intuition, Your Archetypes and Sacred Contracts, The Language of the Chakras, Learning to Love Yourself, A Shamanic Journey Through Mask Making and so much more!

Life is rich and full and joyous and truly a wonder to be explored! Allow me the honor of being your guide in exploring your life!

My definition of codependency:  "Codependency is a continuim. At one extreme end, there is the person who has learned to use needy and dependent in order to get their needs met – this is what most people understand as codependent. At the other extreme end of the continuim is the person who learned to use needless and anti-dependent. Most folks are not in the extremes but rather somewhere between center and one end. The closer to the center we are, the healthier we are."


"Valuable, practical and useable information directly dealing with presented and non-verbalized problems. Working with Carin' yields healing which continues to this day rather than one which requires me to continually visit again and again for the problem which was dealt with. I feel stronger, clearer and more trusting of my own intuition due to my sessions with Carin'." ~Wendy A.


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