I love teaching; it’s my passion, my art and brings me so much joy! Other than the Healing Touch Certification course, the classes below (this is not a complete list) allow for creative mixing up into a colorful combination of sorts! If you would like to create your own combination, let’s talk and have fun with it!  My students have been from all over the world. Many students have gathered their own group together and had me travel to them. It has been a wonderful adventure and I am available to come to where you are! Call or email me with your ideas and let’s put an exciting and playful workshop on in your town!

Some of the workshops I teach:

Basic Nonviolent Communication with Byron Katie’s work, Eckhart Tolle’s, & more!

In this workshop, I teach the fundamentals of NVC to move it out of an intellectual exercise into a more practical tool to get clear about what feelings are, what thoughts, beliefs, stories​ and ​assumptions are and the difference between universal needs (not pseudo needs) and requests and strategies. It​ provide​s a good starting point for people to begin to communicate a little differently; to perceive others’ behavior as a little less threatening and move toward more real connection. Plus, I love teaching NVC and when I ​teach ​groups, we have a lot of fun!!!​ Feel free to come as a couple and stimulate new growth​ in your level of intimacy!  You can attend even if your partner isn’t interested. This is great for working better with co-workers, friends, neighbors, parents and your kids, whether they’re still young or are now adults. ​I tend to throw a little Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle and some information about co-addicted relationships and how healthy relationships function into the mix for a little added flavor!

Archetypes & Sacred Contracts

Do you know how your child archetype operates in your life?  Or how the saboteur shows up?  Did you know that the victim & prostitute archetypes have a light side ~ a conscious way of being that benefits us?

In this one-day workshop, you will:

* Understand and begin to identify the archetypes – the original energy patterns, prototypes of personality energy that guides us through our contracts with each other. 

* Learn about the 4 “survival” archetypes every human being shares

* Identify your individual archetypes that assist you in the contracts you made 

* Discover some of the major contracts that you are living out with those in your life. 

* Learn about the balance between contracts & free will.


Empowerment, Spirituality & Certification In Healing Touch Therapy

Allow Loving Light Healing Touch Therapy is similar to other forms of healing touch, therapeutic touch and Reiki, in which all of these modalities are what is known as “energy medicine”. The main difference with Allow Loving Light, is it is very body specific. For example, there is a specific hand position for each of the 6 major glands in the body. The energy is directed and focused to maximize healing. The energy can ignite healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Since we cannot separate our physical bodies from how we feel, what we think or how we perceive the world around us, we must learn to heal the whole of who we are in order to enjoy balanced health. Life transitions do not have to be a time of crisis or psychological emergency. This course requires 2 three hour evenings and 2 full eight hour days.

 This course will include:

  • Forgiveness & surrendering to heal your body, mind, heart & spirit
  • The chakras & how we give away or attain power/energy
  • Identifying & listening to your intuition
  • Becoming a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

Rediscovering, Developing & Using Your Intuition

*What is intuition & how do we tap into that 6th sense that we have been taught not to listen to? *Come learn how to discover this very natural sense in yourself. *Learn the simple secrets of the ancient ones. *Learn how to discern the difference between your intuition & your ego or your feelings. *Wake up your right brain & learn to speak it’s language.!


 An Awakening through Breathwork

 Breathwork is a powerful and transformational tool, using non-ordinary states for clearing, transformation and deep healing. Breathwork refers to many forms of conscious alteration of the breath, such as connecting the inhale and exhale, or energetically charging and discharging- hyperventilating, when used within a guided exploration of the self or simple meditation. Proponents believe the breathwork technique may be used to attain altered states of consciousness. Breathwork may also relate to optimal healthy breathing in a healing context. It’s basis actually comes from the studies of Eastern mystical practices like qigong, shengong & tai chi, to name a few; shamanic practices from many indigenous cultures & then the western mind, more recently, studying it from the analytical, left brain.
What to expect: breathing, evocative music, guided support for your process, mandala drawing and group sharing.

Who can benefit:
* for those who want to experience inner exploration for healing
* for those recovering from trauma
* for those who want to expand their consciousness
* for getting one’s creativity flowing again
* for releasing painful feelings & stuck behavior patterns that are negatively impactful
* for connecting more deeply to one’s higher power/spiritual path
* to recharge your battery & de-stress from your life
* for discovering the possible psychosomatic components to physical illness or injury
* to have a safe place to fully release their grief
* for shifting enough out of one’s routine state of being to truly experience presence……having a mystical experience.

There has been an evolution of breathwork that expresses itself in many different ways. There are probably at least 50 – 60 forms of this modality at present….some of it being very scientific & coming from the left brain; some of it being very intuitive, coming from the right brain; while some are based in very esoteric systems.

Carin’ incorporates awareness of the chakras while doing this work. She pulls from many spiritual practices & not only teaches the basics of breathwork to students but the foundations of the chakras as well as the fundamental spiritual principles of surrendering the ego & letting go of our need to control our illusion of security. Breathwork opens us to that freedom. She also employs Healing Touch Therapy, Reiki & Matrix work as part of the experience.


One of most adventurous events for going where the students wanted to learn! July 1st – 8th, 2010, In the sacred setting of Bali!

Seminar will include:

Compassionate Language  • Using Your Intuition

• Your Archetypes & Sacred Contracts  • Experiencing your spirit through meditation  • An individual session with Carin’. There will be plenty of time for exploring, playing, relaxing & shopping in Bali!   We will be nestled among the rice fields of the village of Penestanan, just outside of Ubud, the arts and crafts center of Bali. An exotic Balinese structure, that is open and comfortable and has a large private swimming pool just steps from the entrance. There are lovely gardens with lotus/fish ponds in both the back and front of the bungalow.


“I have seen many therapists both personally and professionally. Carin’ helped me in areas no one else had ever touched before. Her empathy, her talent, her understanding and her abilities are outstanding–I have absolute belief in her professional talents and her integrity and refer to her (both as a patient and as a professional!) with total confidence and sincerity!”                               ~Zora DeGrandpre, MS, ND  


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