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~ Do you ever look at life and ask, “Is this it?”
~ Do your family/society values no longer work for you?
~ Do you want to trust and develop your inner wisdom?

Hi, I’m Dr. Carin’ Bocskay, consciousness mentor, teacher and healer in Vancouver, Washington.Through classes and sessions, you are invited to explore and resolve what troubles your heart. Or if some doors are opening for you and you would like some guidance to delve into them more deeply, consider a consultation with me.

Since 1982, I’ve mentored people who want to understand their challenges, heal their issues, and wake up. I work with Individuals, couples, families, businesses, and groups, so they can strengthen communications, create comfortable boundaries, end the suffering and experience genuine joy.  As a healer, I employ Matrix Energetics, Healing Touch and Reiki to assist folks in relieving chronic pain and setting the stage for their bodies to heal themselves as well as for assisting the emotional and spiritual healing process.  I specialize in teaching the necessary tools for healing codependency in all of its forms and restoring an individual’s center or, if necessary, assisting them to create their center.

The path of healing grief is through the pain. The medicine for our broken hearts, emptiness and feeling of separation  is in our wounds.

 As a metaphysical minister, I am available to officiate at weddings, commitment ceremonies, renew vows, and provide other spiritual ceremonies.

 Definition of METAPHYSICS: a :  a division of philosophy that is concerned with the fundamental nature of reality and being and that includes ontology, cosmology, and often epistemology    b : abstract philosophical studies : a study of what is outside objective experience.

   “Alter your reality by breaking out of the expectations you have of it. All those rules of what can be & what can’t be are made up. “Pretend” something different.” ~Carin’







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